STAINLESS STEEL FIXINGS LTD Supporting the building industry for over 30 years

If you’re involved with the installation or design of stone and masonry cladding, you’ll know how important stainless steel fixings are to the success of your project.

We at Stainless Steel Fixings Ltd have been supplying the construction industry fixings since 1984 and we understand that contractors are routinely asked to deliver faster and more economical, while guaranteeing safety and improving quality. So you will have confidence in the products you are using from Stainless Steel Fixings Ltd.

At Stainless Steel Fixings Ltd we specialise in non-standard products. The majority of our fixings being made to order from the customer’s unique design. If a customer does not have their own design then we have third party designers who specialise in stone restraint and masonry fixing design, backed not just by qualifications but also by over 50 years’ experience in the industry and PI. Stainless Steel Fixings employs skilled staff all of whom have been with the company over 5 years with several having over 15 years’ service within the company, which means we are uniquely positioned to offer customers a quick response from their first enquiry to the delivery on site for the finished products.

Our quality procedures will ensure you’re fully compliant with all current regulations, (including EN1090 (exc 2) (ISO 14001:2015) and FORS silver)

Feel free to call or email and we’ll provide you a price and availability for the fixings on your current job or rates for your tenders for future jobs.


Why Choose Us?

  • Quality- we exceed BS EN 1090 so your risk is minimised.
  • Detailed product knowledge from our experienced sales team.
  • Efficient response to quotes and orders.

Case Studies

  • 20 Gracechurch Street
  • New Scotland Yard
  • Westfield
  • Bloomberg Building