Wall Ties Brick, Blockwork and Channel Ties


Height: 50mm
Three hole pattern: 1No 9mm & 2No 6mm
One hole pattern:9mm
Slot size9 x 25mm
Sections: 20 x 2.3, 25 x 2.3 and 30 x 2.5
Projection: 40mm to 500mm.
Channel Sections: To suit site requirements
V Drip Location: std 90mm from embedment end

Walltiles Fmr Walltiles Fk283638
Walltiles Fmdualhead Walltiles Mmx
Walltiles Fm283638 Walltiles Flf
Walltiles Flr Walltiles Mm283638
Walltiles Fmmds Walltiles Mmf
Walltiles Sm283638 Walltiles Debondingsleeves
Walltiles Plr Ds Walltiles Slr
Restraintfixings Drawing1 Restraintfixings Drawing2

Restraintfixings Drawing3

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