Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Do you only supply stainless steel?

A:  No- we also supply mild steel that we can paint or galvanise to suit your needs.

Q: What grades of material do you fabricate from?

A: In stainless steel the majority of the material we use is grade EN 1.4301 (304), we can also supply in grade EN 1.4401 (316) which offers a higher corrosion resistance.

In mild steel the minimum grade we supply is EN 10025 (S275) in compliance with BS EN 1090.

Q: Do you stock standard items? 

A: No, all our items are made to order to suit the customers’ requirements.

Q: How are your goods delivered? 

A: The majority of our goods are delivered by our own transport, but we also use carriers and hauliers to service our nationwide customer base.

Q: What if I need my order quicker? 

A: Talk to us, we understand the time pressure of sites and we will do what we can.

Q: What is bi-metallic corrosion?

A:  This is when two dissimilar metals are in contact there is a risk of bi-metallic corrosion or galvanic corrosion where one of the metals is corroded away by the other.

This means that in practice a stainless steel fixing, bolted to mild steel, could result in the accelerated corrosion of the mild steel.

To avoid bi-metallic corrosion it is recommended that isolation material is used between the contact surfaces.

Q: What is BS EN 1090?

A: It is the British and European standard that governs the supply of structural steel work, it ensures the quality of production methods employed and the traceability of the material through certifications. Click here to see our certification.