Sliding Anchors

To be used within the cavity for tying the inner leaf to the outer leaf with sliding ties for vertical movement. Fixed to structural steel or concrete floor slab at normally 900mm centres. Types and fixing bolts to suit required site conditions.

Typical lengths are 350mm to 600mm manufactured from 25 x 5 with a service load of 1.6 kN. Standard hole size is 12mm diameter. Supplied with safety ended 1WT and 2WT ties. Projections to suit centre of stem position within cavity. (allow 62-75mm embedment)

Brickanchors Sb1Brickanchors Drawing1 


Face fixed head


 Brickanchors 1Wt2wt 

 Sliding brick ties


 Brickanchors Sb2 


Soffit fixed head


 Brickanchors Sb3  

Soffit fixed head

 Brickanchors Sb4Brickanchors Drawing2


Soffit fixed head


 Brickanchors Sb5     

Soffit fixed head

 Brickanchors Sb6Brickanchors Drawing3


Face fixed head



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