Miscell Hexagon


set screws, nuts & washers

Miscell Keyholeshims

Keyhole shims

To suit requirements

Miscell Selfdrilling

Self drilling hex

Head screws with isolation washer

5.5 x 38 to suit

4.0 – 12.5 steel


Miscell Remialties

Remedial ties

Range 175, 200 & 225mm long

Miscell Neoprenepads

Neoprene pads

40 x 40

Miscell Woodscrews

Wood screws

Miscell Tufnolpad

Tufnol pads

40 x 40

Miscell Coachscrews

Coach screws

Range M6 to M12

Miscell Multiholestraps

Multi hole straps

Range 30 x 25 and 30 x 5 sections

Miscell Serratedwashers

Serrated washers

Miscell Hammerscrews

Hammer screws

Range M6 and M8

Miscell Reinforcementbars

Reinforcement bars

Range 6mm to 20mm dia

Miscell Platewashers

Plate washers

Miscell Plasticplugs

Plastic plugs

Range 5, 6 and 7mm

Miscell Nylonplugs

Nylon plugs

Range 5, 6, 8 and 10mm

Miscell Horseshoeshims

Horse shoe shims

To suit requirements

Miscell Plasticshims

Plastic shims

Range 1, 2, , 4 & 5mm thick

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