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Federation Stone Great Britain

Stone Restraints

Typical Fixing Detail DMD Dog Cramp, Dowel & BMY Restraint.

Restraints are fixed with a mechanical anchor to suit concrete or blockwork. Each stone would have four restraints which would be
located two at the top and two at the bottom.

SSF range of restraints are suitable for all types of cladding. Details of the standard range are shown, but bespoke restraints can be manufactured to suit site conditions. All projections, hole and section sizes are available to site requirements.

Restraints ZMB
Flat strap with open ended slot to allow site bending on site as required. Slot length 100mm.

Restraints CMB
Flat strap with elongated fixing slot.
The strap is bent on site to
accommodate cavity and
stone thickness.

Wire Ties
Wire Ties can be manufactured as shown, or supplied to site as round bar in 3000mm lengths to be cut and bent to site requirements.

From 3mm to 20mm diameter

Capped Dowels
5mm x 25mm long
6mm x 30mm long

Paddle Bolts
M6 and M8 at maximum length of 300mm complete with hole in flat end to suit dowel. M10 and M12 would be fabricated.

Stone Supports

Double bracket with two slots

Single bracket with one slot

Double bracket with welded dowels

Single bracket with welded dowel

Double bracket cranked projection leg at 15%

Single bracket cranked projection leg at 15%

Double bracket with welded serrated patches

Single bracket with welded serrated patch

The brackets shown are examples of stone fixings which indicate a small range of our manufacturing capabilities available. Bespoke systems suitable for both internal and external cladding can be supplied. The cost efficient system for supporting stonework is individual bracket supports which are situated at vertical joints between two stones. Stonework panels would normally have two bracket supports per stone.

Double bracket with welded toe.

Single bracket with welded toe.

Special 1

Special 2

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